This year we'll be going to Austin, Texas with Leader Treks!  You can find out more about Leader Treks mission trips here.

Dates:  July 5-11, 2020
 We'll attend the 9am worship service at Temple, then leave for Austin at 10:30am from the Family Life Center.
 We should return around 3:30pm on Saturday.
Cost:  $320
What to Bring:  What to Bring List

Questions you may have:
What will this mission trip experience by like under the current circumstances?  We're working with Leader Treks because of their attention to safety and ability to make adjustments to the changing circumstances.  We will be doing no-contact or low-contact mission projects and taking some time to do leadership development as a youth group.  Instead of doing VBS-type events with children, we'll work with a local church to prepare kits that will include Bible stories, game instructions, craft supplies, and much more so that parents are able to lead a VBS-type event with their children and neighbors.  Another project they have planned is food collection for a local food bank by advertising with signs we'll pass out to doorsteps and then return later to collect the food items left for us to pick up.  Leader Treks also plans adventure experiences they use as leadership development and these have been modified to be away from crowds and involve less interaction with people.
Where will we stay?  We'll be staying at a local church building (similar to our FLC).  Other groups have NOT been staying in this facility and it will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for our stay.  We will also be able to prepare our own meals and keep the strictest standards for health and safety.
Will there be different mission trip teams?  Yes!  We'll have to break our big group down into smaller teams.  Each team will have 10-12 people and be arranged mostly by age.  We may not all have the same mission projects on the same day, but by the end of the week each team should have the opportunity to work at each of our mission project sites.

What if I have more questions?  Great!  We'll do our best to answer any questions you have.  Give us a call at 255-6184 or email