Each year we take our graduating seniors off on the adventure of a lifetime.  They don’t know where they’re going, but they know it will be epic! We use this trip to help these students make the transition into college ministry or their careers, we discuss the 10 Things Every High School Graduate Needs to Know, and we get to have amazing conversations about life-sized things.  We've taken seniors to the Grand Canyon, San Diego, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Yellowstone, Seattle, and more! 

This year we will be traveling together June 1-5, 2020!
You voted for the SuperFly option, which means we will be traveling to an extremely exciting location!  
The cost for the trip will be $1,000.  This covers your travel, lodging, and major activities.  You're responsible for your food and souvenirs. 
When you sign up, a $500 deposit will be required.
Sign up by following this link: seniortrip.templebcstudents.org 

NOTICE:  We understand that our current circumstances are not certain enough to expect you to sign up for any upcoming trip.  If you have already signed up, know that we will refund anything you've given us if the trips are canceled, if you feel uncomfortable about when we do decided to go, or if we postpone the trip to dates that do not work for you.  
          When we know more about whether we will keep, cancel, or postpone our summer trips, we will post that information here, email, and try our best to get that information to you.  For now, we recommend that you wait patiently with us as we gain information and make decisions.  Thanks!