Junior High Mission Trip

Students who have completed 6th, 7th, or 8th grade have the opportunity to lead, serve, and use their gifts and talents.  They find out through a wide variety of projects how their God given gifts can be used to serve people and reach people with the gospel.  We've built decks, done Back Yard Bible Clubs, served the homeless, worked at food pantries, painted houses, and so much more!  Our students develop leadership skills as they serve through these projects, but also through serving one another.  

Junior High Mission Trip 2022 will be July 17-23 to Austin, Texas!  We'll be working with Leader Treks to see students leading, ministering, growing, and challenged in big ways!

Who can go?  Any student who will complete 6th, 7th, or 8th grade before the summer of 2022.  

How will we get there?  We will drive our church vans and some rental vans so that we can split into different directions for projects once we get to Austin.  Everyone loves a good van ride!  Get the road trip snacks ready!

Who are the adults going?  We have lots of great Sunday school teachers and parents that will join with our youth ministry team to chaperone this trip.

Where will we stay?  We will stay at a church in Round Rock, Texas where we will also be cooking our own meals and meeting together for group times.  It will be our lovely home away from home.  Make sure you bring those air mattresses!

What are we doing?  Students will be doing it all.  Not only will they work with different local ministries in the city of Austin each day, they'll also be cooking our meals, cleaning showers and areas of the church we use, organizing teams and strategies for ministry, and even planning and executing a Back Yard Bible Club meeting!  Students are put in major leadership roles through Leader Treks and we LOVE it!  So much learning and stretching those comfort zones!
What do I need to bring?  Check out the list here!

How much does this trip cost?  $350 covers your travel, food, lodging, and all the mission supplies you'll need!  You'll also need money for 4 meals on the road as we travel and 3 snacks during the week (think ice cream).  There will probably be an opportunity to buy a t-shirt or souvenir from Austin as well.

How do I apply my fundraising money?  If you have money from fundraising, the best thing to do is call our friend Emma at 318-255-6184 and let her get you signed up over the phone so we can apply your fundraising dollars!

How can I sign up?  Click here:  Sign Up for Junior High Mission Trip to Austin, Texas  There will be two forms to fill out that are available at the sign-up link.