IMG_2853 2jpgWhat is it?  Princess Warrior Weekend is the BIGGEST event our youth group family participates in and it's INCREDIBLE!  We take our big youth group family and separate them by age and gender into lots of small bible study groups led by absolutely amazing leaders.  There's no big speaker, no band, no lights, and nothing really flashy at all.  Teenagers experience 12 hours of Bible study honestly answering their real and difficult questions and have a chance to talk about tough issues they're going through.  Teenagers LOVE it!  They are more excited about this event than anything else we do!

This is a retreat where teenagers get Biblical answers for their honest questions about dating, sex, friendships, social media, peer pressure, bullying, self image, absolute truth, doctrine, theology and much more. Princess Warrior Weekend gets students involved in solid teaching and conversations with some of the absolute best leaders in the country who are passionate about teaching and showing teenagers what it means to be a real man or woman of God. We’ll also have a whole heap of fun as we compete to see which gender will reign supreme in the Competition for the Crown!

When is it?  January 18-21, 2019

Where is it?  We will be back at Southland Christian Camp where we have held this event for the last three years. We love it! Lots of fun things to do and great food! It’s also close enough for some students to join us late after ball games or if you have to leave and come back during the weekend for something really really important.

Who will be there? Last year we took 144 people and we’re expecting even more this year! We’ll bring in some of the best leaders in America to lead our small groups with many of the best leaders from last year.  The small group leaders are what makes this event so incredible.  They are youth ministers, ministry leaders, and youth teachers that have incredible experience and absolutely love teenagers.

What's the schedule look like?  Check it out here:  Schedule 

What do I need to bring?  What to Bring and What NOT to Bring

How much does this epic adventure cost?  $190 gets you 4 days of the best leaders, food, lodging, transportation, games, bon fire, coffee, some sort of t-shirt, craft supplies, journal, canoeing, zip lining, friends, human foosball, basketball, "unfair" games, and so much more!  It's the best!

How do I sign up?  Sign up right here!  Online Registration is available through November.  You may also register through our Youth Ministry office in the Family Life Center through the month of December.  Just be sure to register by December 9th to be sure you get a t-shirt!

Need to come late or be away for part of the weekend?  Fill out a Time Away Card and let us know.  The campground is close enough for most people to still make those mandatory practices or come late from a basketball game!

DON'T FORGET THAT EVERY STUDENT WILL NEED A NEW MEDICAL RELEASE FORM FOR 2019!  And you'll need to fill out the Southland Christian Camp Release.  Both release forms will need to be turned in with a copy of your medical insurance card to the Youth Ministry Office.